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identity Reed Organ Club Japan
1822-15 Kasori-Cho, Wakaba-Ku, Chiba-Shi, JAPAN (new address) (new address) (New URL)

foundation August 10, 1996 in Tokyo, proffessional musicians, repairers, organologists,
historians and music amateurs met together to enjoy reedorgan music.
Membership amounts to 290 (April 01, 2004).

object propagation of reedorgan and music associated with it, historical and
technical study on reedorgans in Japan, reparation of historical instruments
distributed over the country, organization of concerts, tutorial lesson and
reedorgan academy, and so on.

privilege 1. free subscription of a biannual bulletin & another biannual newsletter
2. preferential booking for the club events
3. information of sheet music, CD and book of reedorgan
4. membership reduction

dues admission 5,000 yen and 3,000 yen/year dues.  These are indispensable
to realize all club activities.  Please note therefore the arrears for two
years results in withdrawal from membership.  Our club does not collect
contributions however your voluntary donation is welcome.

activities official concert
  1996/08/10   Tokyo
  1997/05/03   Hirosaki, Aomori
  1998/06/20   Kyoto
  1999/06/26   Sapporo
  2000/05/05   Yokohama
  2001/06/09   Inuyama, Aichi
  2002/08/01   Tokyo
  2003/05/17   Nishinomiya, Hyogo
  (other than abovementioned annual ones, our club supports a series of concerts)


  1998/06/20   Kyoto
  1998/06/26   Sapporo
  2000/05/06   Yokohama
  2001/06/10   Inuyama, Aichi
  2002/08/02   Tokyo
  2003/05/16   Osaka

  "REED ORGAN" in biannual publication, covers study, concert schedule,
  CD/book/sheetmusic information, contribution column by membership
  and so on. (National Diet Libraly ISSN: Z71-B-981)

  "JIMUKYOKU DAYORI" covers supplementary information including
  the latest concert calendar and new membership.

study paper
  "REED ORGAN RESEARCH" 3rd volume of which came out in August
  2002, publishes historical, mechanical study on reedorgan.  Frtunately
  we have many specialists among membership.

reedorgan postcard
  Please visit the museum page of our website and you will find a series
  of beautiful postcard dedicated to reedorgan.  The 15th card is coming

web site
  Our club started in service its proper web site in October 01, 1998.
  "Propagation of reedorgan" is the most important purpose of our club.
  So we obtained a new and simple URL here in April 2004 for the
  convenience of many organ people who couldn't reach at the entrance
  of reedorgan wonderland.  Now we are constructing a virtual organ
  museum, a small gallery of which opens today.  This English page you
  are reading now is made for the convenience of non Japanese organ
  people who want to exchange reedorgan information and who are
  interested in our club to join in.

dream   1. construction of a real museum dedicated to reedorgan
  2. foundation of an international reedorgan net
  3. publication of a reedorgan atlas of Japan

organization Consisting of officers, branches and departments, our cabinet organizes
club activities. (Officers are to elect every two years.  We have two
branches.  Departments cover study, repair and play.)  Proceedings are to
discuss in club's general meeting (every year) and come into effect with
approval of attendance and power of attorney.

enrollment Filling up the form which you can download from "Join us" page, please
send it by snail mail (address to send written in the form).  Admission fee
3,000 yen and dues 5,000 yen are to pay (account information to check
in "Join us" page) before send the form.  As soon as we receive the money
and the form, we'll take promptly proceeding steps of your enrollment.

cabinet On the general meeting of May 17, 2003, the following officers were
appointed for two years' service (until the general meeting of 2005).
  president   Rei AKAI
  treasurer   Keiichi MORI
  inspector   Teruo WAKUI
  publication   Rei AKAI / Harue SATO
  chairman   Toshihiro SUZUKI
  administration   Akemi HONDA / Hiroko TANIGUCHI
  meeting mang.   Masaharu KATO
  study dept.   Toshihiro SUZUKI
  liaison / web   Shoichiro TOYAMA / Kazumi TSURUTA
  north branch   Kazue KOZEKI
  west branch   Shoichiro TOYAMA

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