last modified  April 01, 2004  

Being interested in reedorgan, this may be the only one condition for you to join us.  If you
hesitate entrance, please send us an e-mail.  We're ready to inform you a reedorgan concert
in the nearest future and close to your dwelling (in case you' re living in Japan.).  And you'll
find there some members of our club.  We're sure you feel a friendly atmosphere and a
kind of love to reedorgan.  Take it easy and don't feel foreigner, friend.
In case you live out of Japan and feel it's difficult to join us in club events, we offer you a
special status of overseas membership.  Membership fee is to consult.  Please send us an
Japanese resident people are invited to download the "enrollment form".  Fill up the form
and send it to us by ordinary post mail.  Before post it, please pay the admission 5,000 yen
and dues 3,000 yen.  The account information is written in the enrollment form.
    >> Enrollment Form Is Here.

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