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  addition to our postcard collection : Burdett Organ of Ishinomaki Eikoh Church
Commemorating the 10th anniversary of our club, we prepare for a virtual museum dedicated to reedorgan so that many people come interested in this lovely instrument.  Inauguration is scheduled (hopely) in April 2005.
Waiting for its opening, we propose a small gallery of reedorgan postcard which our club has produced and distributed exclusively for the membership.  Please enjoy the images of historical-and-living reedorgans in Japan.
We have lots of difficulty in statistic and historical study on reedorgans remaining in million private dwellings distributed over this country.  We do not know therefore the exact number of reedorgan old and new, still or alive at this point.  We hope that one who comes interested in this gallery lets us know about his, her, and their grandparents' reedorgan.  These informations help the study very much.
The detailed information and the exact location of private proprietary instruments collected in this gallery, are closed to the public.  Thank you.
  reedorgan postcard collection 1996-2004,
 * Alexandre Harmonium, Nakagawa Church  >>
   Nakagawa-Machi(twn), Fukuoka-Ken(pref)
 * A.B.Chase Organ, Yokohama Hommoku Church >>
   Yokohama-Shi(cty), Kanagawa-Ken(pref)
 * Clough & Warren Organ, St-John preserved Church >>
   Meiji-mura Park, Inuyama-Shi(cty), Aichi-Ken(pref)
 * Estey Organ, Kokura Harugaoka Church >>
   Kokuraminami-Ku(wrd), Kitakyushu-Shi(cty), Fukuoka-Ken(pref)
 * Estey"Cottage" Organ, Keisen Women's College of Horticulture >>
   Isehara-Shi(cty), Kanagawa-Ken(pref)
 * Estey"Romanesque" Organ, private proprietary >>
 * Ishihara Organ, private proprietary >>
 * Maekawa Organ, Osaka Aiju Kindergarten >>
   Kita-Ku(wrd), Osaka-Shi(cty), Osaka-Fu(pref)
 * Mason & Hamlin"93BF" Organ, Showa Women's College >>
   Setagaya-Ku(wrd), Tokyo-To(metropolis)
 * Matsumoto Organ, private proprietary >>
 * Möller Organ, Kurume Lutheran Church >>
   Kurume-Shi(cty), Fukuoka-Ken(pref)
 * Nishikawa Organ, Agatsuma Church >>
   Agatsuma-Machi(twn), Gumma-Ken(pref)
 * Yamaha Organ, Riddel-Wright Museum >>
   Kumamoto-Shi(cty), Kumamoto-Ken(pref)
 * Yamaha Organ, private proprietary >>
 * Yamano Organ (left) & Yamaha Organ (right), Converland Koza Church >>
   Yamato-Shi(cty), Kanagawa-Ken(pref)
  * Burdett Organ, Ishinomaki Eikoh Church >>
   Ishinomaki-Shi(cty), Miyaghi-Ken(pref)
Resolution of each image in this gallery is set 180dpi which is enough for PC display.
Original postcard however is in 5,000dpi fine printing.  We're sorry for some moirE/font>
caused by scanning from printed images.

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