last modified  April 01, 2004  

 topics 1 (April 01, 2004) "web site renewal"

As you see, Reed Organ Club, Japan inaugurate today its new web site.  Please bookmark
the new address.

e-mail :

Shoichiro TOYAMA and Kazumi TSURUTA are in charge of web site maintenance.  Please
help them with informing them of your reedorgan subject, thank you.   

 topics 2 (April 01, 2004) "General Meeting 2004 in Karuizawa"
Annual general meeting 2004 of our club will be held from Friday 04 to Saturday 05 of June
in Minamigaoka Clubhouse, Karuizawa, Nagano.  The meeting consists of a lecture, a reed-
organ concert, club conference and welcome party.

Itinerary Friday 04 June
13h00 reception (entrance 2,000 yen)
13h30 lecture "IZAWA Shuji and music education" by Mr. Takashi SHIOIRI
16h00 reedorgan concert by organists in Nagano
17h00 conference on the subject of 10th anniversary memorial events of the club
18h30 welcome party

Itinerary Saturday 05 June
08h00 breakfast
09h00 department meeting (repair dept., play dept.)
11h00 closure (an optional tour will be proposed for the afternoon)

Hotel reservation in Karuizawa is up to you, thank you.

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